Nokia N810 Wimax news

Written on October 16, 2008 – 6:58 am | by james |

It looks like the WiMax enabled Nokia N810 internet tablet has finally been launched. This latest version of the popular, Linux based, internet tablet can be purchased direct from Nokia for $443. For your hard earned cash you’ll get a WiMax N810 that looks pretty much the same as the original, except the casing is black and it has WiMax. This version of the N810 has been delayed by quite some time although this may well have something to do with the rollout of the WiMax network which only really came to life in the past few weeks.

Reports seem to suggest that the intial WiMax deployment is going well in the US - good news for Nokia. By being first to market with a WiMax device, Nokia should be in a good position to capture a significant chunk of early adopters who’ll be keen to test the waters.

One point to note here - Nokia have played a smart move by launching the WiMax N810 at the same price as the last version - no lengthy discussions with yourself when you come to your next purchase decision!

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