Packard Bell debuts new m/u netbook

Written on September 17, 2009 – 8:38 am | by james |

Make way for the PB m/u

Okay, you probably won’t be surprised to hear the Packard Bell would joining the ranks of network manufacturers with the launch of the m/u (or ‘moo’ as some observers are calling it). Apparently, and in the words of Packard bell themselves, this new netbook one very appealing feature - it has the performance of a notebook. So what does that mean? Well, some of industry analysts are saying that he could simply be a, err, very small notebook!

Anyway, enough of the guessing, let’s take a look at what the moo has to offer:

For a start it’s incredibly small and very light at just over 3 pounds although it does have a pretty impressive 11.6 inch screen (much bigger than most of the traditional netbooks currently on the market). In terms of performance there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of information about the processor but we do know that it’s running an unspecified Intel ULV CPU and packs a rather hefty 4 GB of RAM. There’s plenty of storage available as the m/u comes with a hard drive of up to 500 GB in size. There is also a multi touch trackpad plus a 5-in-1 memory card reader. A point to note for all you ‘huge fans of Microsoft Vista’ - the m/u will come with Windows 7 Home Premium installed as the default OS. This netbook also comes with two colour options: red or black. Sure, it’s quite limited but still better than a choice of “white only”!

Pricing isn’t too bad either - figures of about £399 are currently being quoted although the only downside to this you will have to wait for the official launch of windows 7 befor you can get your hands on it for. Ah well, certainly looks like it could be worth the wait for the new Packard bell m/u.

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