HP Touch-enabled Notebook. Screen Jabbing Is The Future.

Written on January 19, 2010 – 4:57 am | by james |

News of the new TouchSmart Notebook PC from HP was announced recently (in Las Vegas on 6th Jan. to be exact). So what can we expect to see? From the paper specifications, it’s looks pretty good and we’re sure they will be a whole raft of reviews in the near future as laptop enthusiasts get their hands on this new HP offering.

Two mobility flavours got their first airing: The HP TouchSmart tm2 and the seemingly powerful, touch-screen and a few netbooks in the form of the HP Mini 5102, 210 and 2102.

The HP TouchSmart tm2, a thin yet powerful computer, is being touted as the first convertible consumer notebook to carry multitouch technology. Whilst we agree that it probably is, how well will it go down? Only time will tell. The main point for HP is that they get first mover advantage even if it is crap!

Like standard notebooks, the tm2 has the usual keyboard and screen (I don’t think we’re quite ready for a device that requires no typing whatsoever) but also accepts input via the touch-enabled display. The tm2 converts into a slate (still waiting for the iSlate…) which HP reckons will provide students and artists with a great way of doodling and scribbling notes (plus the ‘power of suggestion’ will no doubt be great for profit margins).

The 5102 netbook is HP’s first jump into the touch-enabled netbook market and is primarily aimed at students and mobile workers. The 5102 comes in a range of colours, from the industry standard black to red and blue.

One of the  interesting features of the 5102 is the face recognition technology which allows users to login to Windows using only the power of their big, ugly mug! Great idea but will it work after 10 pints of beer, a waist line blasting curry and a good old fashioned punch up at the end of the night?

Here’s a quick round up of the specs:

HP Mini 5102.

2.6 pounds, available in both standard and touch-enabled flavours and powered by the Intel Atom. HP claim a battery life of 10 hours but we wonder how much juice you’ll really get out of the 5102 once you start watching 720 and 1,080-pixel DVD’s on it.

HP Mini 210 / HP Mini 2102

Again, HP give the 2102 an excellent battery life of 9 hours plus the option to throw 3G broadband connectivity and GPS into the bundle.

The netbook isn’t the lightest option on the market but is relatively light at 2.69 pounds and is only about 1-inch thin. Comes in black crystal, silver crystal, Pacific blue and Sonoma Red coluours.

As usual, HP have thought about the design and usability by cramming in a keyboard that’s 92 per cent of a full sized option. Then there’s all the other bits you can’t do without: built-in WLAN, webcam and microphone and an Intel Atom N450 processor (1.66 GHz).

Big hit or flop? Knowing HP’s excellent name they’re sure to do well but would you an artist really go out and buy the 5102 when a piece of paper works just as well?

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