Google Chrome is coming

Written on September 2, 2008 – 7:55 am | by james |

Google has confirmed that it is launching a Google web browser; Chrome. Rumours have been doing the rounds since 2004, but now the truth has been revealed.

It looks like Google has massively reworked the internals of a modern browser - tabbed browser sessions running as its own process. Plugins run as separate child processes to the tabbed sessions process. These changes should, in theory, make Chrome a seriously reliable browser i.e. One web page locking up doesn’t hang the whole browser. Chrome also features a task manager which allows users to identify and stop flakey processes.

The Chrome browser uses the Webkit engine ( which is also used by Apple’s Safari and Nokia) for rendering web pages. As you’d expect, Google has also added Google Gears to Chrome which means you get geolocation, databases and desktop integration without having to install third party apps.

According to Google, Chrome will be an open source application, with BSD or Apache-like licencing model.

A Windows beta version is scheduled for release on September 2nd with Mac and Linux versions following.

Look out Microsoft, the browser wars are just starting.

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